Freeskifriends is a crew of skier originally from the French Alps, who all met in small ski resorts around Grenoble.
10 years of activism for Freeskiing : filming and editing short movie, partying and sharing our passion for skiing in all it’s ways.
The 2010/11 season was a new start for us, we decided to unite our skills to create our own media. With our own gear and motivation, we found a way to be more efficient, reactive, and even to expand our community.
Being independent in this industry is not the easiest way to succeed, it’s hard work but it’s worth it ! We travel according to snow falls to make our own content: videos and pictures of what we love in skiing: freeride, backcountry, park, but also the places, people, scenery, and the culture of each place we visit… Our aim is to help you to escape a daily routine watching at our content, and to help you to think about the next place you will travel to ! Hope you’ll love what we do as much as we love doing it !