EP9 : // Big Eddy Show 2

Not snowing, Touring, JackDanieling and other things !


Donz & Flymat joined Sarah, Cyril and Mafiou in British Columbia for 2 weeks of intense skiing/touring/partying..

2 weeks in whom we got just 10cm of fresh pow for the last day. But using our stamina, skins and shovels we managed to do different things every days… touring to reach quite big faces, building booters, exploring a lot in the forest for pillow lines, cliffs and fresh pockets of untouched snow…

Beside that, those guys came with the idea of emptying the liquor store, with an average of one bottle of liquor(usually Jack) per nights, it was great, but tough some mornings. We also took the time to visit the surroundings, and especially the Hot Springs.. taking the ferry to cross the Columbia river.
All this time together was almost perfect, except quite a downside, with Sarah who hurt her knee in the firsts day, riding a face in crusty and changing snow. (which explain why there’s not much picture of her in this selection..).

This is just the first footages of the trip, a video will follow …

Hope you like those picture as much as we’ve loved making them..

You can also have a look at the skipass news : http://www.skipass.com/news/116724-freeski-friends-eddy-show-ep9.html


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  1. Hey, my name is Vincent.
    I was touring out in Revelstoke today near kokanee/montana bowl and ran in to one of you, I believe it was Cyril. We were just having fun and hitting a little drop and he took time to film it. He said he could send it to me or I could see it somewhere once you get it up. That would be awesome if you could :)

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