EP8 : // Big Eddy Show 1

The beginning of the winter here, in Revelstoke BC was amazing ! Sarah’s brothers came to join us, not for filming, just shredding. It was an old dream for them (like everyone I guess) to visit BC, and its deep powder.. they were not disappointed, there were so much snow, everywhere, every days… we had to do, and we wanted to do something… so we managed to make a resume of it in the video below.

We also discovered curling, with some french Canadians, met along the way (also strong shredders)… quite close to the french “petanque” except that it’s a bit colder, and we can’t drink pastis at the same time… but it was a lot of fun and we’ve been few time actually.

So let’s have a look at the video, it will give you a good idea of what is early winter in BC. and please don’t cry, it will happen soon in France too ! Hopefully :-)

here’s the news on skipass : http://www.skipass.com/videos/ep8-big-eddy-show-1-6.html

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